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The 2008 April Fools Day Trap

The following message was sent to all TAG City members on April Fools day.

Dear Member,

This is so cool. I have been dying to tell everyone all week but I had to wait until it was confirmed.

I've been trying to lose some weight, so instead of giving me an Easter Egg for Easter, my wife and children gave me a lottery ticket for Thursday nights lotto. They spent around $50 on the ticket. It was a systems entry that allowed them to take 10 numbers.

Wait for it. Can you believe this? Only 7 straight numbers out of 10 for a first division prize of over 6 Million dollars.

I've started to shake again just typing this out. It's all too much to take in.

Anyway, I have had a talk with my wife and children and we have decided to share $500,000 with members of TAG City who have supported us over the past month or more. To make it fair and to make it worthwhile for those who do get some of the cash, I have placed TEN prizes of $50,000 each in the Random Prize Draw at TAG City.

This is the Random Prize Draw page.

The $50,000 will be paid to each winner at $10,000 per month over five months. That should not throw up too many flags for winners in the US and they should all be paid without a problem.

The first winner of $50,000 has been drawn and is now listed on the Random Prize Draw page. Remember, there's only 2 hours to claim prizes or they go back to be drawn by another member.

Without a doubt, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that this is far short of what some of our members deserve, but for now it's the best I can do.

Good luck.


John Abbott

Springing The 2008 April Fools Day Trap

The following text appeared on the Random Prize Draw page:

April Fool

If you arrived at this page to see if you were a winner of $50,000 CASH in the Random Prize Draw, then you have been sucked right in. You are indeed an April Fool. Now, admit you were sucked in. Go on, you know you want to admit it!

Sadly, the owner of TAG City did not win 6 Million Dollars in last Thursday nights lotto draw. So, there's no money to share with you. He couldn't win because he didn't even have a ticket. Unfortunately he will remain as poor as a church mouse until TAG City starts to earn an income.

Victims & Escape Artists Comments


Lol! I really believed it. Play the lottery... Maybe this was a sign! With so much positive energy generated... Who knows what could happen.


LMFAOROTF I was about to send you a congratulations you lucky bastard email. Yup you got me good and I should have known better cause my oldest sister who is mentally challenged has been April Fooling me since 6am lol

Good Luck in the future tho.


OMG u really sucked me! Thanks for the heart attack! lol


WAIT! Hold on a minute... APRIL FOOLS!


Hi there John1, that really sucked!!! I thought wow what a nice dude. I find it akin to the email that has a nice scene and then a demon jumps out at you. Thanks for nothing!


DARN YOU JOHN... I don't check the numbers constantly... just did now.. LOL You got everyone pretty darn good!


John, great April Fools joke. OK, so you got me this time. Clicked the link and fell for it. OMG, hope you got a good giggle out of it cuz I sure as heck did.


Congratulations! I haven't even looked at the link yet, but if I win one, you can keep it for the site... Happy April Fools Day!!!


You better be careful there will be peeps who believe this! Happy April fools day to you, John! lol


HA HA HA HA HA! That was sooo funny and the only April Fools trick played on me today (so far). I couldn't believe you'd actually do it (sorry - the Ball & Chain would say you were nuts), but had to look. I realize it's after 4/1 there now, but thanks for a good laugh.


I'm definitely not falling for this April Fools joke John, lol.

Would have been nice for you and the family tho.


This was cruel and unusual punishment... but it was funny as hell... LMAO


LMAO! I am truly one of your April fools! I bought it hook, line and sinker. This was probably the best April fools jokes I have ever been a part of. Good job John1!


Well what can I say. What sort of bullshit is this. You sprook that there are 10 x 50k prizes to be won and you even have the nerve to send a bullshit email to all members in regards to this. This is the sickest joke.

Yes I know it was an April fools joke but I think you have gone too far in regards to this. We play at TAG as we trust the site and enjoy the people that play there and this is one way that will stop people joining this site as they could be the butt of some ones idea of a sick joke.

As you have just started this random prize drawing and people hope they can win something, I feel this will cause irreversible damage to your reputation as site hosts and players won't trust the information on the random prize page anymore as they can NOT be certain that it is NOT JUST A JOKE.

I wish to cancel my TAG membership as of today 1st April 2008 and I will be posting a copy of the email you sent and have copied the prize page and will post this in every forum I am a member of informing potential new members NOT TO JOIN as this is just not right.

I will never play at TAG again.


Ha ha ha ha This has got to be a joke, right? April Fool?

I love your sense of humor. Its the best thing about this site. I remember when I joined GoneGambling a LONG time ago. There was one game and a lot of time I had to fight with my old computer to get it to work. You have come a LONG way. This site is wonderful.


Good one!! This is the funniest April Fool's Day joke I have seen in awhile. I checked to see if the M's were up.


Now that was a good one!

Kinda sad tho... I was really thinking how cool for you guys (B&C & kids) etc.

Ya got me there for a few mins.


Dream on BIG boy!


John, John, John, You are so wrong for this. You got me... Have a great day!


Sure John, April Fools! You got me last year with that one about Trish getting married and would members help out. Well not this year! But you do come up with original pranks! Lol. Take care.


Funny, funny, John!


Ha ha That wasn't very smart of you to do especially if it had something to do with money because you have just put my hopes up as though we had really thought that we finally got something to get us back on track. Thanks but no thanks. Happy Aprils Fool to you to.


Good one, but cruel one to those who'll be fooled.


Good one. TY for the laugh.


What a shame I checked the Random Draw before my message lol.


LMAO! That was soooooooooo wrong... rofl! Yup sure got me good. Ha ha ha I'm a big April Fool... lol