Population: 19,682

Out and About: 60

Most Popular Game
Buzzing Bee: 9

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 118,742

Largest Win 24 Hrs
Butterfly Net
stephen1: 100,370

Most Recent FPB
Donna30: 1,862

Next FPB: 765

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Placing a bid on a free web auction LOCKS up your points. Points will not be returned until the close of the auction unless you are pushed out of the top five bidders.

Bidding ALL your points on a free web auction LOCKS the TAG points top up feature. If you wish to continue playing games, do not bid all your points on an auction that has days to close.

Gold and Platinum members are permitted to add and bid for items on this free auction web site. All bidding is done in TAG points. NO real money will change hands.

Auctions are accessed through the VIEW, SELL and MINE links at the top of this page.

The top five bidders will be displayed but only the amount of the lowest bid will show. Bid over the amount of the lowest bid to become a top five bidder.

Our free web auctions are designed to stop 'some' members from waiting until the last second to bid over the highest bid to steal the auction. Although bidding that way may be fun for those who do it, it's very frustrating for others who may not be online at the time.

If you are listed as one of the top five bidders, you may or may not be the final winner of the auction.

Vendors reserve the right to place restrictions on auctions.

Vendors of auction items, products and services reserve the right to refuse a sale to any member, without providing any reason, either before, during or after the auction has taken place. In the event that the auction has closed, the TAG points will be refunded to the winning bidder should the sale be refused by the vendor or sponsor.

Members with black marks may be restricted from bidding or selling items on this site.

Free Web Auction

You have just discovered the only true free auction web site on the Internet. On this web site you can bid to win items with TAG points. This isn't just one of the best free auction sites on the web, it is THE best free auction site.

Free Auction Sponsor

Meet Bobbie

Bobbie is a wonderful sponsor of the TAG City free web site auctions.

Bobbie was one of the first business people to add items to the TAG City web site auctions for FREE points bidding by our members.

Our web site auctions are FREE because we GIVE you the TAG points to get you started. Then every month thereafter we'll give you more points to keep you bidding. It doesn't get any easier than this and it's terrific fun.

NO MONEY WILL CHANGE HANDS - that is our promise to you. Our web site auctions truly are FREE.

Sign up for Free Membership to start bidding immediately.

FREE delivery: When you win the bidding on an auction, you don't even pay the delivery costs to get the item you won. You bid with points to win the auction, and when you win, you get FREE delivery.

Earn TAG Points

Selling your unwanted items for TAG points is the best way to build them up.

The Process

Look at the top menu on this page.

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If you win the bidding or are selling an item, all the information you need to finalise the free web site auction is listed under the MINE link above. To view an auction use VIEW, to create an auction use SELL, and to view closed auctions use CLOSED.

Auction Rules / Process

Auction Site Information

Arm yourself with knowledge and learn about Internet auctions. Brush up on auction history, a very interesting subject. Also see TAG City excluded auction items before adding items to the free auction.

Avoid black marks and rate your experience with the seller .