Population: 19,582

Out and About: 62

Most Popular Game
Platinum Jackpot: 6

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 142,283

Largest Win 24 Hrs
Pony Express
Brenda2: 50,000

Most Recent FPB
steven40: 3,590

Next FPB: 1,466

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For members, this page provides you with a list of your past dialogues with support personnel. If you have a problem outstanding then this is where you will come to check the status to see if it has changed. Once you notice a change in status you will then view the conversation to see the outcome.

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Support Request

Please note: Problem Log Requests are checked frequently - not constantly. It may take 24 hours or perhaps even longer before your problem is fully addressed. Additionally, some problems are not solved instantly, so for the sake of reasonableness please give us a couple of days to solve the problem before you start panicking (perhaps not even then).

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