Population: 19,636

Out and About: 65

Most Popular Game
Buzzing Bee: 10

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 120,265

Largest Win 24 Hrs
ariekes1: 50,023

Most Recent FPB
Patrick13: 957

Next FPB: 4,844

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The Trader Auction Games Disclaimer makes up part of the terms and conditions for site membership and may be viewed at our Disclaimer page. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for general information about the Trader Auction Games site.

Terms And Conditions

Use of the Trader Auction Games (TAG) site or application for membership to the site is only granted when you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. In addition to the Terms and Conditions outlined below, you also agree to abide by our Disclaimer and any other Terms or Conditions displayed throughout the site.

1. By using the TAG site for any reason, be it as a visitor, member, advertiser or sponsor, either at no charge or for a fee, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to conducting a transaction electronically, and to disclaimers of warranties, damage and/or remedy exclusions and limitations. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions you do not have permission to use the TAG site. TAG reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. If future changes to Terms and Conditions are unacceptable to you, you must discontinue use of the TAG site.

2. When creating a user/name/identity, you must be 18 years of age or older and provide truthful and accurate information. You must be who you claim to be. Providing false information is a violation of these Terms and Conditions and will void any prize wins. When you sign up for membership with TAG, your real first name will become part of your TAG user/name/identity. This is done to make it easy and fast for our support staff to respond to members problems or needs and check their playing history. Unless you have an extremely unusual first name, use of your first name should not concern you. If it does concern you, you should not sign up for membership.

As creator of your user/name/identity, you are completely responsible for your identity and any activity surrounding your identity. Offensive or obscene user identities will be determined as false and membership terminated. Do not reveal your password to other people or otherwise permit them to use your account. TAG will never ask you for information in an email about your password so do not divulge that information to anyone. If you forget your password, you can retrieve it from our retrieve password page.

When creating a user/name/identity, you agree to hold TAG and its affiliates harmless for any improper use of such identity including, but not limited to, improper use by someone whom you revealed your password to.

When creating a user/name/identity, you agree to provide your correct and full home postal address. This will aid TAG in delivery of prizes, money-orders etc. Failure to provide your correct and full home postal address prior to winning prizes at TAG will result in your prize being void. At the time of a prize win the TAG automated prize claim system locks your user/name/identity in full including your postal address. This means you are not able to change any personal address information after a prize has been won. The system will only unlock once the prize claim has been processed or the time to claim the prize has expired. This system has been in place since the start of TAG to void prizes of members who thought they could outsmart our system by signing up for multiple false memberships to increase their chances of winning prizes with the idea in mind to only add their correct address information at the time of claiming a prize.

3. You must observe these Terms and Conditions, all applicable laws and basic rules of etiquette and common courtesy when using the TAG site. Conduct which violates law in a real world community is also a violation of these Terms and Conditions. TAG reserves the right to take any action and impose any penalties deemed necessary to discourage further violations, or recover losses from members who have violated these Terms and Conditions by participating in illegal or inappropriate conduct. In such cases, action will be taken by TAG without prior notice or warning. Determinations as to whether a violation has occurred and who may be responsible for such is solely at the discretion of TAG. By using the TAG site, you agree to be bound by TAG's determination as to whether a violation has occurred and will not dispute any penalty TAG chooses to impose.

a) TAG reserves the right to revoke, cancel or ban a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership should the membership holder violate these Terms and Conditions. This condition of membership also applies to members who are known to TAG management to be chronic troublemakers or cheats on other websites. In the event that a member has their membership revoked, cancelled or banned, for ANY reason whatsoever, unused membership fees will NOT be refunded.

b) To avoid confusion or doubt, signing up for a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership to TAG is an acknowledgment and agreement by you that TAG has sole discretion regarding penalties or disciplinary actions to be imposed on you, even if there's unused membership fees remaining on your account.

c) Unused credit for Gold and Platinum memberships will NOT be refunded under any circumstances. You are buying entertainment as a Gold member, and entertainment and promotion of your business as a Platinum member. Peoples expectations of results vary widely. TAG makes no guarantees of your expectations being met in regards to either a Gold or Platinum membership. Paying for either a Gold or Platinum membership indicates that you accept the NO REFUND policy described here.

4. Silver, Gold and Platinum members may terminate their own memberships at any time from in the members area of the TAG site. Termination of a membership will NOT result in a refund of any unused membership fees.

5. Periodically, in an effort to clean our database and free up space, TAG may delete unused Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships. This will be done without notice. Once a membership has been deleted it is impossible for it to be retrieved. In this case, the only recourse left to you is to sign up again. There is a limit of ONE membership per person. Attempts to create additional memberships may result in ALL memberships for the same person, family or household being deleted, de-activated or banned.

6. All submissions, including comments, suggestions, feedback, photos and postings in TAG forums, My TAG Page, TAG chat rooms and similar venues on the site, including emails and similar information or materials that you submit to TAG about the site, games, services and sponsors or advertisers, become the property of TAG to use at its discretion. Submitting any of the above in any manner is an agreement by you to assign to TAG, at no charge, all worldwide rights, title and interest in copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the submissions. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for any submissions provided by you and for managing your user/name/identity. You, and not TAG, have full responsibility for your submissions, comments and such, including your user/name/identity, their legality, appropriateness, reliability, originality and copyright. Due to the size and nature of the site, TAG does not pre-screen or monitor submissions, comments and such as made by members of the site.

a) You agree that you are personally and solely responsible for comments made by you on your 'My TAG Page' and in other areas of the TAG site. You further agree that you will not deliberately make posts or comments for the purposes of damaging the reputation of any other individual or business.

b) You agree that your TAG user/name/identity is not confidential and may be used in any promotion or manner seen fit by TAG.

7. You agree to assume all risks associated with participating on an adult or mature website, including risk of viruses, worms, trojans or code which may manifest contaminating or destructive properties. You agree to assume all risks relating to loss of data, accuracy of content, reliability of games, share trading, auctions and participating in forums and chat which may result in you being subjected to indecent and inappropriate language or comment. The games, share trading, tournaments, auction, chat and contact facility on the TAG site are provided on an 'as is' basis. Not all games, including the share trading, tournaments, auction, chat, My TAG Page and contact facility will be available to all players at all times.

a) You agree and understand that individual members and businesses place items, products and services in the auctions and make them available as prizes on the site in addition to promoting them for sale via their My TAG Page. These individuals and businesses are responsible for anything which may or may not occur in relation to your dealings with them. You agree that TAG shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that may result from your dealings with any individual member, business or third party on the TAG site.

In the event of a problem with a third party, TAG may mediate or intervene on your behalf, however, the involvement of TAG implies no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of the intervention. Should TAG fail to achieve a desired outcome you agree to hold TAG free from any claims, loss or risk.

b) Although a shop front may be created on the TAG site by another individual or business, that does not imply that TAG endorses that individual, business or shop. It is up to you to satisfy yourself that who you are dealing with is honest and worthy of your custom. Dealing with individuals, advertisers or sponsors found on the TAG site, including payment and delivery of goods, and any other terms, such as warranties, is solely between you and those individuals, advertisers or sponsors.

If you have purchased an item, product or service with TAG points from the auction and wish to dispute the sale, you agree to refer to the dispute resolution rules attached to the auction.

You agree that auction sales of the same or similar items, products and services from the same vendor or sponsor may be limited to only one per member. You agree that this limitation may remain in force for an indefinite period (at the discretion of TAG or the vendor) after the auction sale has been made.

You agree that vendors of auction items, products and services reserve the right to refuse a sale to any member, without providing any reason, either before, during or after the auction has taken place. In the event that the auction has closed, the TAG points will be refunded to the winning bidder should the sale be refused by the vendor or sponsor.

c) You agree that errors or malfunctions with games are at times unavoidable, and if and when a problem arises and TAG points, game plays or prizes are lost, those lost points, game plays or prizes will NOT be refunded. A malfuntion or error in any game, including share trading, auctions, tournaments, competitions and promotions will void all prize pays.

You understand that in the event of a partial or total site or game collapse, where members suffer a loss of TAG points, TAG may be unable to establish TAG point balances prior to the problem, so lost points will stay lost and NOT be refunded.

d) The TAG site contains links to other sites that are not under the control of TAG. TAG is not responsible for any content on those other sites. Access other sites at your own risk.

8. The TAG site is provided on an 'as is' basis. Site downtime is inevitable. You agree to hold TAG free from any claims of loss or compensation regardless of the amount of downtime experienced by the site each month.

9. TAG is an Australian owned site. For reasons of State laws and competition permit requirements for individual States, along with other business reasons, Australians are excluded from becoming Gold or Platinum members of the site. Australians are only permitted to play for fun. Prizes won will be void. TAG apologises for the inconvenience to Australian residents.

TAG makes no representation that the TAG site and associated games, competitions, auctions and related information is appropriate or legal in all countries or locations. Visitors and members who choose to access the TAG site from other countries or locations do so on their own initiative and risk and are responsible for compliance with local laws.