Population: 12,775

Out and About: 131

Most Popular Game
Warehouse Rat Trap: 23

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 63,374

Largest Win 24 Hrs
Warehouse Rat Trap
Deborah25: 50,056

Most Recent FPB
Sharalyn1: 3,278

Next FPB: 3,330

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Auction - Exclusions - Warning - Disclaimer

The list of excluded items, the warning and the disclaimer on this page make up part of the terms and conditions for participating as a buyer or seller in the TAG City online auctions.

Exclusions: Adult sex toys, personal items and services including pornographic material. Firearms, knives and explosive materials. Drugs, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes and cigars.

Warning: Trader Auction Games (TAG City) does not vet, approve or disapprove ANY items placed in the auctions. Members are warned that it is their own responsibility to satisfy themselves that the items or services they are bidding for are genuine and/or not damaged or contaminated in any way.

Disclaimer: Trader Auction Games accepts no responsibility or liability for anything which may or may not occur from the purchase and use of items or services in our online auction rooms.

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