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Out and About: 63

Most Popular Game
Buzzing Bee: 10

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 120,265

Largest Win 24 Hrs
ariekes1: 50,023

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Patrick13: 957

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TAG City Members Online Polls

Everyone is able to observe the results of TAG City online polls but only TAG City members are able to respond.


Most polls reward members with points for participating and in these cases the number of points or the range of points are specified for each poll.


In the links at the top of this page you will observe two index entries to help you navigate the online polls. By clicking on Polls by Age you can scroll through the polls from the most recently created back in time to the first poll created. By clicking Polls by Category you can look at and scroll through polls by specific category only.

Classes of Poll

There are two main classes of Poll, 1) "TAG Polls" and 2) "Multiple Choice Polls", You respond to TAG polls by TAGGING. You respond to multiple choice Polls by making a choice. Comments are allowed in both cases and points for participating are applicable in both cases.

Comments and Votes

You will have the opportunity to respond to each online poll with your own comment in addition to your vote - please observe all rules of decorum and manners at these times. After making your comment you can edit it as many times as you like until you have exited the page. From then on the comment is permanent and you will have to live with what you said.

Most Recent Online Polls

Topic: Be rewarded with 1,000 to 10,000 TAG points for answering this Poll question: Have you ever participated in a Tournament at TAG City?

Results: [1]
68%  [2]
20%  [3]
9%  [4]
0%   after 344 votes.

Topic: Be rewarded with 1,000 to 10,000 TAG points for answering this Poll question: Which TAG Platinum Sponsor is your favorite?

Results: [1]
7%  [2]
11%  [3]
10%  [4]
2%  [5]
7%  [6]
4%  [7]
7%  [8]
2%  [9]
28%  [10]
16%   after 421 votes.

Topic: Win between 1,000 and 10,000 TAG Points for responding to this question: How often do you drink beer, wine or spirits each month?

Results: [1]
35%  [2]
32%  [3]
21%  [4]
8%  [5]
1%   after 537 votes.

Topic: Are you a bit of a twinkle toes? Are you able to go Ball Room Dancing and participate in most dances without looking at your feet?

Results: [1]
21%  [2]
53%  [3]
24%   after 467 votes.

Topic: Which of the following is your favorite festive time each year?

Results: [1]
14%  [2]
51%  [3]
4%  [4]
14%  [5]
14%   after 467 votes.