Population: 19,633

Out and About: 37

Most Popular Game
Buzzing Bee: 5

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 115,653

Largest Win 24 Hrs
Hector1: 50,077

Most Recent FPB
jan2: 3,432

Next FPB: 4,110

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Judge John1 hears most cases brought before the TAG City Courts. His decision is final and binding in all cases. It has been said that Judge John1 would rather be anywhere but in court at TAG City. This knowledge should serve as a warning to residents of TAG City. Forcing Judge John1 to adjudicate over a case could have very undesired consequences if your case is not watertight and serious. The phrase 'let sleeping dogs lie' applies very much to Judge John1.

Known as the 'Hanging Judge', Judge John1 often gives plaintiffs in his court just enough rope to hang themselves. From experience, Judge John1 knows to look with suspicion upon the person bringing the complaint or accusing another of wrong doing. Things are never as straightforward as they seem and often there is an underlying power struggle between residents of TAG City. Trying to use the judge as a tool to cause problems for another resident is the biggest mistake you will ever make.

Wasting the judges time is one of the most serious offences possible. Deciding halfway through that you have changed your mind and want to drop an allegation or case won't work with Judge John1. Once you have involved him in a case he will stomp all over you and your life in an effort to get to the truth. As ex-residents have learnt to their dismay, no one needs Judge John1 stomping all over their lives. Judge John1 will extract payment for his wasted time in one way or another. Usually a fine or loss of membership is the end result.

TAG City Court

Court Reporter I C Itall - Husband and wife team Marie22 and Brian1 v Cindy1 - Case 001.

Court Reporter I C Stars - Kenene1 v TAG City Membership Rules - Case 002.