Population: 19,583

Out and About: 71

Most Popular Game
Butterfly Net: 5

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 142,223

Largest Win 24 Hrs
Pony Express
Brenda2: 50,000

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joan3: 1,466

Next FPB: 4,645

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How To Promote A Website - Platinum Membership

Sponsoring the Trader Auction Games site is simply the best way to promote your website and business to thousands of buyers. Learn how to promote a website right here. Expose your business or website to Internet users world-wide for as little as $49.95 per month.

Getting your website promotion started is as easy as upgrading your Silver or Gold membership to Platinum membership. A Platinum membership will provide your website with excellent promotion on several different fronts. If your website or business is new and in need of fast promotion and quick exposure to thousands of customers, you're at the right place.

Website Promotion - What You Get For $49.95 Per Month

As a Platinum member you will receive the following benefits for promotion of your business or website:

1. All the benefits of a Gold membership.

2. Additional features on your 'My TAG Page' section for setting up and promoting a shop front for your business.

3. The ability to display a 125x125 banner on pages throughout the TAG City site.

4. Permission to post news items and press releases to display in the news sections of the site. This will give you permanent LINKS on several pages of the TAG City site back to your own website.

5. If desired, Platinum members may also create a forum on the site so that customers may post questions about the business or products. Building a trusting relationship as an expert in a particular field is what will make customers think of your business first when they want to purchase a product or service.

6. You will be able to set up your own special chats on the site in our Chat Function Room. Instead of having a dozen people to a party plan selling night at your home, entertain and sell to 100 or more people in the TAG City Chat Function Room.

7. If you add items or services to the auction you will gain added exposure on the site. A cool feature of adding items to the auction is that you are permitted to make a special offer after the auction to ALL the customers who placed bids but didn't win the auction. This feature also allows you to see the popularity of each of the items you have auctioned.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all auction bidding is done in TAG points. You will NOT receive any real money for the items you add to the auctions.

8. Your 'My TAG Page' on the site will receive forced visits from Silver and Gold members. There is a special FREE game placed on all Platinum sponsors personal TAG City page. Our members will visit your page daily to play this FREE game. Your page will receive thousands of visitors each month. It provides a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your website, goods and services to our members.

9. As if the above wasn't enough, Platinum members are also provided with information and links to cool tools that will teach them how to promote a website. Also see how to set up your own personal shop page on the TAG City site.

Game Leasing Sponsorship

For an additional fee, Platinum members are able to lease sponsorship of games at TAG City. This is without a doubt the best value promotion you will find anywhere on the Internet.

As a game sponsor you will have your banner, logo or promotional text message appear over the top of the game each and EVERY time a member logs on to play the game. Members will have to either click to close your banner or visit your website. You are welcome to lease more than one game on the site. The more games you lease the more promotion your business will receive.

You will also be able to approve Gold memberships (value USD$17.95) each month for TAG City members who request them. This is where the real power of your Platinum membership comes into force. In exchange for granting Gold memberships to members, you will be able to survey those members and ask them questions about your business, website, products or services. On granting a Gold membership, your own personal promotional message or special deal or offer will be sent to the member. Promotion of your business on a one on one basis with potential customers doesn't get any easier than this.

Games For Lease

Game Name Lease term
4th Ace 12 150 1500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Butterfly Net 12 300 2500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Buzzing Bee 12 350 3000.00 LEASED by Slotland
Casino Dice 12 300 3000.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Casino Match Madness 12 100 1500.00 LEASED by Heidi's Avon
City Hall 12 350 3500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Earthquake 12 300 3000.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Easy Royals 12 300 2000.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Happy Snaps 12 50 500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Headline Headache 12 50 500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Hold Up 12 50 500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Kidnapped 12 350 3000.00 LEASED by Looky Lou's
Loose Goose 12 50 500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Match-n-Scratch 12 300 3500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Pony Express 12 200 2000.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Race To The Moon 12 300 2500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Short Circuit 12 50 500.00 LEASED by Mary Kay
Silver Service 12 50 500.00 LEASED by Pugster
Traffic Chaos 12 300 3500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Wanted 12 150 1500.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Warehouse Rat Trap 12 300 3500.00 LEASED by Slotastic
Wild West 12 350 3000.00 PLATINUM ONLY
Win Slot 12 150 1500.00 LEASED by Win A Day
Word Scramble 12 50 750.00 LEASED by OnlineSlot

NOTE: Leasing a game automatically allows you the privilege of issuing a number of FREE GOLD memberships each and every month. The number may vary from game to game depending on the lease terms. This means that members will approach you in order to get GOLD memberships for FREE. This provides you with an opportunity to promote your business to our members on a personal basis. You may even have them respond to a three question survey in return for granting them a FREE GOLD membership.

IMPORTANT: You must maintain your PLATINUM membership for the term of the lease. Letting your PLATINUM membership lapse will also result in your game sponsorship lapsing with no refund of monies paid.

IMPORTANT: If you are not already a member of TAG City you will need to follow these steps to become a Platinum member and game sponsor:

1. Sign up for FREE membership here. This will make you a Silver member.

2. Next, upgrade your membership to Platinum by logging in to the members area and clicking on the 'Upgrade / Renew Membership Here' link in the MEMBERSHIP section on the right of the page.

3. Once you are a Platinum member you will be able to set up promotion of your business as outlined in the nine points above. You will also be able to place your order for leasing games on the TAG City site.

Advertising Exclusions

Business Exclusions: Businesses which are not permitted to be opened in TAG City include sites which promote adult sex toys, personal items and services including pornographic material. Firearms, knives and explosive materials.