Top-up Points

You will need to upgrade your membership before you can use this function.

Just click on the "Upgrade Membership" link in the Members area and select "Bottomless Points Only". Once you have requested bottomless points upgrade, you may then use the top up feature.

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STRONG MAN Prize Picker - Trader Auction Games

Strongman - How To Play

If you have Strongman vouchers you are presented with a button to start the game. Then you need to select a tent from the row of tents. Whoever is in the tent will represent you in the 'Strongman Competition'.

The competition consists of striking the target plate with a hammer and thus forcing a bell up the sliding scale. The higher the bell goes up the pole - the bigger the potential prize.

NOTE: Instant prizes are awarded instantly all other prizes including TAG Points must be claimed from the prize claim page.

Good luck.