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Debrah2’s Page


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hi welcome to my page
i am more or less a newbie here when it comes to making a web page but will be giving it a try not sure just what i will be doing with it just yet though. so if you would like you can check back at another time.

oh and i want to thank win a day for this months free gold membership. without their help i would still be silver thank you win a day.

still trying to decide just what to do for my page. have couple ideas but still in the thinking stage. hopefully i can come up with something original and worth members visiting.

i live in the Willamette Valley at the base of the Cascades in the state of Oregon and my sister is a wild edible mushroom buyer for a broker who ships them to Europe and other places i am not sure of.
I love going out in the mushroom season to pick them. it is peaceful and beautiful out in the forest.
the mushrooms that won't last the shipping to market but are still good she dries and sells in the off season.
there are several different varieties of mushrooms we pick and am trying to gather together some pic's of them and post them soon. and also a couple pictures of the places we go to pick them.
it will be a few days yet but i will get some posted soon and more as i find them.
hope all who stop by will find it interesting.

ok gotta work on figuring out how to get my pitures on only have 3 just yet. but more coming be patient with me please. still learning the ropes. lol

sorry no new pics yet but my antique flatbed scaner took a dump on me so gotta catch my brother when he is home and scan to a jump drive to load them. hopefully soon.


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