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Tag Team Tournament

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Author Comment
53+ days ago
I am playing the tag team tournament kidnapped. It does not show my spins/wins . I do not know if my spins are being counted or not. Please help. If they are counted and just do not show on my screen. How do I know when I have enough spins ?
53+ days ago
Have you tried signing out of TAG and then back on again? Not sure what the problem is but sometimes if it's time for your membership renewal and you are signed in when it expires the tournaments won't work until you have renewed. Don't know if that's what is happening with you or not, but it might be worth a try to check it. Hope you get it worked out.
50+ days ago
I got my answer , thank you for your effort.Things just happened out of sorts. I never got an email I would of expected. It is what it is. All things happen for a reason and our own good. God only gives us what he knows we can handle. He forgot to let me know I have shoulders of steel though.