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gwen1: makes me more interested in what i want to do


Cindy1: nice clean page alot are cluttered


Sharalyn1: Thank you for this example. I will be brainstorming how to set up my own Profile Page.

Neatha1: Good example.

John10: HI i used to run a web site selling yugioh cards but needed a break so been inactive for a few months 6 LOL anyway i like this site and the way its set up thanks for allowing me to be a part


Lynda1: I've never had a site before but now that I have an idea what to do, I'm working on one now.


Heidi2: I love the way the site is all coming together,sure will be glad when it gets completed-GO TAG CITY GO


Heidi1: Hey john, DO you look at your members Tag pages?

Jeffrey1: testing

emily5: love it here!



Mary23: Everything will work out just fine with the site!


Jamie1: OK John nice start keep it coming

samantha6: I love the uniqueness of this site!!

gail1: would have expected noless from you JOHN AWESOME!!!!

Samantha7: I love this place!!

john70: TAG City is great! I love it that Slotland is sponsoring my Gold membership.

sharon15: Im still taking baby steps around here but i love it .. and spending $s at the shops .. GREAT!!!

Nan4: Tag, Tag,YOU ROCK!!! Hi, John, nice page and it really looks good.

Chris8: I love this site and the games are soo much fun

allen11: rate sample

nadialeonora1: I love this place!!

MARGARET4: Thanks John, for both GoneGambling and Tag City and keeping it free as possible.


Jim1: finally made the move from GG and now ALL my time is spent here! Saving up tourney cash wins to spend with as many sponsors as I can!

Mostafa1: that is a great free to join website

Leona2: awesome site ,love the games

Janice25: Found This Site By Accident, Best Accident I EVER Had :) This Site & All the Hard work I see Has been put into it is AWESOME!

wendy1: i am so glad i came back to this site having a lot of fun Thanks

teresa40: Tag City Is What Gets My Mornings Going! Keep Up the GREAT Work E-1 :) And Thank You!

Wanda22: Thank you John & the Tag City staff for all you do!

arlene1: great to be back .

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