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History of Games

Games have been around for a long time. One of the oldest games found in history is called the Royal Game of Ur. It was played around 2500 B.C. This game was played in Ancient Sumeria. It's a board game. Sadly, no one is quite sure how it was played when it was first created. The game was still being played around 177-176 B.C. The rules for the version at that time being found by archaeologists.

Mancala, another board game, was played in Egypt around 1400 B.C. Mancala is a mathematical type game. It appears that the game evolved in Egypt from boards and counters which were used for stock taking and accounting.

Wei-chi also known as Go, was developed in China by Emperor Shun some time between 2255-2206 B.C. to help develop his sons intelligence. Wei-chi is measured by most Oriental experts to be the greatest strategic skill game in the world. It even surpasses Chess in its difficulty and scale. At the time of writing this segment, there's not even a computer program written that is able to compete with the best Go players.

Tabula and Nard were early variations of Backgammon. The game dates back are far as 3000 B.C. This makes it one of the two leading oldest board games in the world. Tabula and Nard went through several different overhauls to reach the game we know today. At a best guess, it all started in Egypt as a board of 3x10 squares. The rules of how to play this particular variation are unknown. There have been similar boards found of 3x12 and 3x6 squares. This style of game has circulated in and out of popularity through the centuries. It is still played today throughout the world.

There were many different types of games that evolved after Christ. Some are still around some are not. Chess is one that came in the early A.D. along with card games. Tarot was one of the early card games to be created. Poch came around the 1400s which is the ancestor to Rummy Royale. It was around the same time that the actual card suits of hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades were created in France.

Checkers followed soon after in the 1500s along with Noddy which was the early edition of Cribbage. In the 1600s the modern game of Cribbage followed. So did Solitaire Board Games. In the 1700s the Solitaire Card Game followed the board game. Bridge, Poker, Chinese Checkers and Pachisi came in the 1800s. The 1900s produced Monopoly, Scrabble, Othello, Reversi, Cathedral, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Many games may now be played online. When playing online games you often don't even need any other players as opponents. You can play against a computer program.

The games that we play today are similar if not almost the same as games that were played in early history. From board games to card games they all have something in common with the ones developed by our ancestors.