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TAG City Members Poll

Topic: Which of the following is your favorite festive time each year?


Results: [1]
15%  [2]
51%  [3]
4%  [4]
14%  [5]
14%   after 498 votes.
This poll is open to all TAG members.
All votes are worth somewhere between 100 and 500 Points.
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inez2 Voted for 1
Get prezzies eyeah

bobbie7 Voted for 2
It's pretty and the kids like it best.

loretta13 Voted for 5
i love seeing the little ones in their costumes

sandy4 Voted for 4
Caught between Christmas and Thanksgiving but I think Thanksgiving is my favorite, it's slower paced then Christmas.

chris8 Voted for 4
This is when the family all gets together and enjoy each other and a great meal.A time to be thankful for we all have, not for what we want.

sandy2 Voted for 5
I love to host a great big party at my local community centre.

Carol42 Voted for 2
Christmas is my favorite time of year because I think for the most part I'm a giving person and it's always a chance to be able to give with a special reason behind it. Our family is always together on Christmas and I so enjoy that. Especially the smallest ones. It is such a joy to see them so excited and in our family it isn't only the "Santa" season, but each child knows the true story of Christmas and the reason for the real celebration. Christ....mas...the reason...

Joan4 Voted for 4
I love Thanksgiving. The smell of the turkey and dressing cooking all night keeps me awake all night. I LOVE THAT AROMA! The day of Thanksgiving is preparation of all of the rest of the meal, excluding the pumpking pies, and what a feast we have. I love having all of my friends and family gathered in one place, to give thanks for all the blessings God has given us during the past year. Yes, Thanksgiving is a time of giving and sharing.....I always manage to donate items to my local church, as they give away 15 baskets each year to families who have nothing for Thanksgiving. To me, Thanksgiving Day is THE most important holiday of the year!

Michael1 Voted for 1
Because i made it one more year

CONNIE2 Voted for 2
It is a time for giving and sharing with friends & family

RUBY1 Voted for 2
The best part of the Christmas holidays is all the family gets together. But I also love the decorations the caroling and of course the FOOD!! Glad it only comes once a year lol

judy10 Voted for 2
i love giving and getting gifts at the same time

james62 Voted for 4
it is the one Holiday that people can get together without the pressure and anxiety of measuring up in one way or another

bobbie1 Voted for 1
I would have to say my birthday because it is also Valentine's Day. I get twice the gifts and twice the love!

Joann1 Voted for 5

andy1 Voted for 4
i love food. and bah humbug. lol. no food is good . to much hoopla with xmas

PATTY1 Voted for 2
love the lights

carole2 Voted for 2
it was a toss up between christmas and easter. I always like Easter because it begins Spring and with it comes hope.

Patricia23 Voted for 3
My most tolerable time otherwise i dont tolerate another times well at all

gloria1 Voted for 1
cause i know it will be quiet and peaceful...i hate the holidays