Population: 20,490

Out and About: 68

Most Popular Game
Butterfly Net: 9

Largest Prize Pool
Platinum Jackpot: 110,216

Largest Win 24 Hrs
Race To The Moon
Brenda2: 50,030

Most Recent FPB
jeanette10: 2,208

Next FPB: 2,100

TAG City Online Polls By Age

Live: Be rewarded with 1,000 to 10,000 TAG points for answering this Poll question: Have you ever participated in a Tournament at TAG City? 434 votes.
Historical: Be rewarded with 1,000 to 10,000 TAG points for answering this Poll question: Do you like the new EARTHQUAKE game at TAG City? 273 votes.
Historical: Be rewarded with 1,000 to 10,000 TAG points for answering this Poll question: Which TAG Platinum Sponsor is your favorite? 446 votes.
Live: Win between 1,000 and 10,000 TAG Points for responding to this question: How often do you drink beer, wine or spirits each month? 575 votes.
Historical: If TAG City created a page where potential new sponsors could list their business name and products, would you indicate on that page to each business if you would use their business or services should they become a TAG City game sponsor? The purpose of this page would be to show potential new sponsors what their initial return on their first years advertising spend would be. 210 votes.
Live: Are you a bit of a twinkle toes? Are you able to go Ball Room Dancing and participate in most dances without looking at your feet? 499 votes.
Live: Which of the following is your favorite festive time each year? 498 votes.
Historical: Will you be entering a pic in the TAG City Cutest Pet Competition for the chance to win your share of $520 Cash? 161 votes.
Historical: Do you wear a hat? 533 votes.
Live: Moving House - How many times have you shifted from one home to another during your life? 481 votes.
Historical: Ice Cream - Do you love it or hate it? 495 votes.
Historical: Have you signed up for only one TAG City membership and is your membership information truthful and accurate? 259 votes.
Historical: At TAG we want to have an idea of what percentage of our members are male and what percentage are female. You won't get an easier Poll question than this. Are you Male or Female? If you aren't sure, TAG can send someone around to have a grope at you and establish once and for all what you are. 505 votes.
Historical: Which of the following three take-out foods is your favorite? 526 votes.
Historical: How much do you trust your countries Police Force? 478 votes.
Historical: In your opinion, how acceptable is it to tell lies? 499 votes.
Historical: From the list below, select the type of animal that would make your ideal pet? 592 votes.
Historical: Are you fit or are you fat? 387 votes.
Historical: Are you a fan of the The Simpsons TV series? 361 votes.
Historical: How much do you believe what you are told by politicians who run/control your country? 368 votes.

Create Online Polls

If you would like to have TAG City create an online poll or make a suggestion for an online poll, send your ideas to John1 via the TAG message system. Platinum sponsors are more than welcome to suggest ideas for polls. There's no promises or guarantees that ideas for online polls will be used. The creation and subject of online polls displayed on the TAG City site is entirely at the discretion of TAG City management.