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TAG City Members Poll

Topic: Are you a bit of a twinkle toes? Are you able to go Ball Room Dancing and participate in most dances without looking at your feet?


Results: [1]
20%  [2]
54%  [3]
25%   after 499 votes.
This poll is open to all TAG members.
All votes are worth somewhere between 100 and 500 Points.
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John1 Voted for 1
We used to do it a lot but haven't been dancing for years now.

trish1 Voted for 3
I am so rusty I look like a derelict old ship in the shoals of life.

mary111 Voted for 2
Never could ballroom dance...but use to clear the floor for me lol......

mistisha1 Voted for 2
i can't do ball room dancing the only thing i can do is slow dance

Joan4 Voted for 2
The only time I could ever dance was when I was drunk. Haven't had a drink since 1986. Since I quit drinking, people now tell me I couldn't even dance drunk, so they're glad I stopped drinking! LMAO!

annette16 Voted for 3
Not so much rusty , but more like seized up :-)

sanjay2 Voted for 2

Faith1 Voted for 3
very very rusty lol

john77 Voted for 2
I could only wish. Maybe its time to take ballroom dancing lessons. LOL

Natasa1 Voted for 1

bobbie7 Voted for 2
never did have much of a sense of rythem

Anonymous Voted for 3
in me younger times I was a lover of dance-all kinds.
Now tapping me foot gives me cramps and leaves me breathless :0

Georgia5 Voted for 2
my husband has lock jaw of the hips so we havn't danced in over 20 years

CONNIE2 Voted for 3
use to love dancing, but diabled now so I can't anymore

Anonymous Voted for 3
I used to could dance any thing I saw. But now I would be a bit rusty at any dancing.

Jerry1 Voted for 2
Are you kidding?????

carole2 Voted for 1
I used to go dancing every night of the week. Pete doesn't dance so I don't go anymore.

anita1 Voted for 2
Couldn't dance if my life depended on it!Never learned any dances at all.

Carol42 Voted for 1
Still love to dance even at my age...Not always easy on the old knees but it is worth it. Love all kind of dancing...Especially the old types....

misty12 Voted for 1
good dancer