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TAG City Members Poll

Topic: Win between 1,000 and 10,000 TAG Points for responding to this question: How often do you drink beer, wine or spirits each month?


Results: [1]
35%  [2]
32%  [3]
21%  [4]
8%  [5]
2%   after 575 votes.
Source: Play Games For Cash Prizes
This poll is open to all TAG members.
All votes are worth somewhere between 1000 and 10000 Points.
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John1 Voted for 3
I enjoy a glass of almost anything when I'm relaxing after work. I can take it or leave it though - I probably drink more in the hot weather.

Joan4 Voted for 1
Before 1986, I drank more than 24 cans of beer a day, plus gin and rum on top of that. In 1986, I became ill and had to choose between taking medication and living or continuing to drink and dying. I chose to live. Since then I have had 3 wine coolers. The last one was on New Year's Day 2000. My mother was living and I wanted to celebrate the turn of the century with her. She died in 2004. I am an alcoholic. For me, it is not true that you cannot stop drinking after the first one! With God, anything is possible! No AA meetings or anything, just the will to live!

debbie4 Voted for 3
I love my beer.....I used to drink when I was younger more than I do now....I on the average drink a few beers once or twice a week....I used to buy twelve packs to last me the week....now I buy a 4 pack of 16 oz. cans and drink those on my Tuesday nights with American idol on now....... and Fridays......that day will always be my party day LOL

Cindy1 Voted for 2
very rare for me now I used to drink shots of crown an chase it with a beer for years :+)

Diana18 Voted for 2

james1 Voted for 2
I don't drink very much,because my wife will take advantage of me,,never fails..so I got tokeep a sharp mind! When I do drink it's a bloody mary or a short beer.

James31 Voted for 1
use to long time ago every week end though but quite

Joann1 Voted for 3
A couple glasses of wine or beer one the weekends. A bit more in the fall when we have homemade blackberry wine yum!

RUBY1 Voted for 2
I'm not much of a drinker, blood pressure medication doesn't like alcohol lol. But I have a few drinks a year never the less

steven28 Voted for 4
I drink beer every other day and wine once a week

diane1 Voted for 2
I don't care for wine and have lost my taste for beer, but I'll have a drink or two a few times a year. I used to drink quite a bit more, but the appeal just sort of faded away. My favorite drink is a Bloody Mary. Cheers all !!

lisa119 Voted for 2
only when eating out

maryann12 Voted for 3
I enjoy a cocktail when I have company or when I'm dining out.

annette16 Voted for 3
I used to drink more often, but old age is catching up and I just get sleepy. LOL

bobbie1 Voted for 1
I used to drink beer and mixed drinks and alcohol all the time but when i got put on certain meds for my disability i couldnt drink with them so I quit.

roger1 Voted for 2
Used to drink heaps when I was in the Army, now I slow down to almost non-existent drinking (once or twice a month ... unless there is more than 1 or 2 parties that month!)

sandy2 Voted for 1
I also used to drink beer and mixed drinks and alcohol all the time but when I got put on certain meds for my disability I couldn't drink with them so I quit.

anita1 Voted for 1
I drank occasionally before but haven't had a drink since my fiancee passed., and that was 11 years ago. Drinking had nothing to do with his passing so I'm not sure why I haven't drank since. Of course some could say that he drove me to drink, just kidding! Lol.

delmer1 Voted for 3
I am here for the beer.

Michael1 Voted for 2
I used to drink on a regular basis,but the last couple of years i've hardly gone to a bar.