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Hi Y'all!!

I just want to say I love this site and it's webmaster is a genius. I have High hopes for tag city, and look forward to being here for a long time to come.

On a personal note, some of you know I am a brain injury survivor. My brain injury resulted from 2 strokes due to undiagnosed diabetes. This happened all before my 40th birthday. PLEASE...have those you love go to their doctors for regular medical checkups, and don't forget to go yourself. If I can prevent 1 other person from suffering my fate by my story, I will be a happy camper.


Well, turns out my adorable new kitten is a murderous wretch, he tripped up my mother (Shirley4) as she was coming down the stairs and she broke her ankle, she is home recoupperating for 8 weeks, while mittens is actively knocking over garbage cans and pouncing on me during the night and doing other strange things like licking my eyeballs while i try to sleep...If you would like to see a picture of "mittens the mischievious" join tag's cutest pet contest!!!

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