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BARB2’s Page


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Hi I'm Barb2 here at tag and BARBWIRE at gg. I am the teamleader of BARBWIRES BANDITS - GO BANDITS....

I live in Jackson, Michigan, I am 55 years old and single. I have one child, my daughter Storme who is 25 and a pug named Sasse who is with me constantly - when I am not working. I work in a call center for DTE energy in Detroit.

I have been a member of Tag since it's opening and I love it, especially kidnapped.

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"I am participating in the best Gold or Platinum personal page competition. Please rate my page to give me a vote. The higher you rate my page the better my page will rank on the final day of the competition. Please rate my page on the text above and also the comments I have made in the Public section on the right of this page."

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Carole2: excellent work. good job.

Jamie1: Nice Job Barb

Cindy1: nice

Rusty11: excellent i love it


Kathie2: Love the Doggie Pics! Take a peek at mine,,too cute!

emily5: Love it!

Charleen1: Love the pugs!


Heidi1: Nice page


Peter1: nice like you.

Dolores1: love those pugs-Go Bandits!

Trish1: Looking good.

Nita1: Love the dogs, nice page

Diane1: nice job Barb, Cute doggie pix

Heidi2: Great Page Barb

LAURA2: Very cute - short and sweet!


joan2: nice page

meki1: Looters RAAAAAAAAAAWWWK! Good luck to the Bandits! Hugs

Angie7: Hi Barb looks great - Angie's Kodiak Angels are here to play.


Shannon3: Great Page!!!

Tamara4: Love the pics and animation! Very trusting to share so much 'personl' info.

jennifer25: Love the page.

Paul5: Hello, Glad to meet you! Nice site

Kat2: Love your page!!

Samantha7: Nice page Barb!!

Jerry2: Love the dogs.

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