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Tina5’s Page


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Welcome to my page. Glad you decided to stop by.


Tag is the "Greatest" site on the net!!!!

My baby "Sam"

Pretty Please


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jeffrey3: great game site

Marilyn2: woof woof Tagga!

Jerry1: That's my Tina!!!

Cindy1: Cute Couple an the puppy toooo lol

emily5: Hi, cute dog!

Sherri1: Sam is cute...


Dolores1: that's a great picture, you two look very happy.

james1: sam looks real cute!I'll bet he is spoild rotten!

Trish1: Hi Tina. That is one cute baby :>

Mary23: Would love to see more photos of Sam, too cute!

LAURA2: Nice to meet you! and your pet! LOL

Kathie2: CUTE DOG!

Heidi1: hi Tina

laura4: nice to meet you and your pup

Paul5: Your right, tag is the BEST!

Melanie5: cute cute

Jamie1: Sam Is the Man!!

stephanie17: Sam is a cute dog

Kimmy 1: Very nice pics. Cute dog!



Samantha7: Hi Tina!

My Friends

anita1, Brenda15, Cindy1, Jerry1, Joanie1, John1, Kelly1, Marilyn2, michael12, Theodora1, Trish1

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