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This is a list of what you think is hot in other members pages. A quick link if you will.


This page will periodically be used to announce changes, enhancements and additions that will occur from time to time.

Drop in every now and then and check out what is happening.

Below, I have supplied some links to pages I have built using the tools supplied to all GOLD members. They are designed to provide help to people that may be new to TAG and/or new to the Internet.

I hope you will find this information useful.


Some Tools
How to maximise Exposure
How To Use TAG Search
Lesson 0 Markup
Lesson 1 Images
Lesson 2 Links
Upload and Link to Images
Make Smaller URL for links

Note: The links above provide some answers to some questions that some people had.

The list of links do not cover all topics or go into any great depth. If you feel that there is something that really should be included then drop me a line.

You're Gonna Love This

My Insights (read as Your Own Personal Comments),

Is not just about philosophy. This is where you can make diary entries, comments, or any other form of serialized comment.

Similar to the forum, viewable by every member, you may choose your own topic or write a serialized story it is up to you.

Other members may comment on your contribution and that is up to them.

I think Insights is a very useful tool for you the member to disseminate information. You write what you like visible to all the members this gives you great power and with great power comes great responsibility, never forget this.

As an example view recent insights here. You will get used to finding this page if you look under public links on the right.

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Mandy13: Great I Love IT!!

mistisha1: cool page

jamie34: very nice

orawan1: oops! i already messed up

Wanda22: thanks for this page!

scott33: AWESOME

wendy1: Thanks for the sponser having a great time

Mary23: Thnx for the links! Makes it easier to find what I'm looking for :)

kari4: caNDYS6669

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