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Nan4’s Page


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Hello, every one! I am
really glad to be part of the most wonderful community
which is
well surrounded by kind and friendly people.Did I mention, What a great
opportunity this is,
to meet so many people
from all around
the world and get to know them
It means much more
than just playing games,sell & bid
auctions and trying to win some cash prizes.It is our own CITY that we built it together. I enjoy being around many of you
and I will do my best to
help our
city improve. Tag city,
thank you


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Heidi1: Hi NAN you lucky gal!

Rhonda19: Hi rock!!! Im glad you love tag as much as I do!!

Cindy1: nice page ty 4 the kind words

daniela2: very cool page nan :)

Samantha7: Great page!!

Marilyn2: evthing is nicely said. good luck nan!

Sharalyn1: Nan4, You are just the nicest lady! And you're a really, really good Mom. PS: I like your page!

Sandy4: Nan I love your page and the kids are great!!

Maha1: interesting things keep it up!!!

april1: Love your page nan, alot of interesting things and very true words

Bobbie1: Beautiful pics Love it!

Lisa88: Super Page! Great work Nan! Love ya always!

Debbie4: nan what a beautifully done page and I am so honoured to be your friend

Dolores1: Great page, I can see you put a lot of work into it, such a handsome family!


John44: What a beautiful family you have and am so glad you found Tag. U have been a breath of fresh air. G L on ur new venture!

gail1: good job love the page. Much luck !!!!

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april1, John1, julian2, Lisa88, Mohammed9, Rhonda19, Trish1

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