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This is a list of what you think is hot in other members pages. A quick link if you will.

Welcome To Slotland

members picture Slotland is proud to sponsor Gold memberships at TAG City. We only have a limited number of Gold memberships to grant each month so make sure you submit your request early if you want us to award you with a Gold TAG City membership. Submit your request from the Renew / Upgrade link on the right side of your members area.

At this time we will grant Gold to almost any member, however, as the TAG City membership grows and more demand is placed on us for granting of Gold memberships, preference will be given to depositing players at Slotland.

Visit Slotland.

If you haven't opened an account at Slotland yet, you have been missing out on playing at one of the most TRUSTED casinos on the Internet. We don't expect you to take our word for that, John Abbott who is the manager of TAG City and GoneGambling has for years been telling his members that "Slotland is one of the most trusted Internet casinos" and that our "customer service is second to none".

Here's a few comments from some Slotland players. These players are also fellow TAG City members so they are people you can trust. You may even catch up with them in the chat below each game and ask them to confirm the comments listed here:

Dori2 writes: "Slotland, you're one of my favorite casino sites, keep up the great games and promo's."

Jacqueline2 writes: "I love your site and the types of slots available."

Todd4 writes: "Keep up the great work! You ROCK! Slotland is #1, and between you and me my ONLY casino accept of course Win A Day which I just joined."

Sarana1 writes: "Awesome casino... keep up the great work."

Anita1 writes: "I love Slotland. Been a member there for years."

Jennifer3 writes: "Keeping doing what you are doing, every one raves about how you guys are."

Visit Slotland now.

You're Gonna Love This

Here at Slotland we are always looking for new and exciting ways to provide more fun and entertainment for our players. With this thought in mind, we would like YOU to suggest new and different types of competitions we can try at Slotland.

Post your thoughts in the RATINGS section below. If you come up with an idea we like, we may even find a prize for you.

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John1: How about starting a Slotland TAG Team? Could be limited to depositing players only. Winaday could do the same and then you could have a special tournament between the two TAG Teams.

gail1: nicely done. Got me thinking!

JAmes31: this page is a great page well put and would love to compet in a team turny with your team if you start 1 ;)

Cindy1: looks Good Slotland very nice page

Mel1: very nicely done, good job

Dorothy1: Great page!

Shirley1: Love your page and your continued support of gonegambling and now tag!

Jerry1: Great page! TY for your support of GG & TAG.

Patrick6: It would be great if there could be one machine with a super low minimum bet so if player's are having a bad luck day they can stay and play a little longer with Slotland if there's a

Marilyn2: I LOVE $lotland!

Barbara16: The most honest and worthy casino I know

Mary23: I would like to say thank you VERY MUCH for my FREE One Month Membership!!!

john70: Slotland is by far my favorite online casino. I would like to see some kind of competition involving the Jacks or Better game. Perhaps there could be a competition for TAG City members to see who could get the highest hand during a particular weekend.

Debbie4: Your 11th birthday is coming up. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one and thank you for all you do for your players and being the #1 online casino, for great bonus opportunities,fairness, fun, loyalty and awesome customer service!!!!!

Patricia4: Slotland has real people and it is the best online site for $lots. A multi line slot that allowed for smaller bets would be great for us small time players!.

Michael1: How about a freeplay page, so people could get used to how the games play

RLF1: best online site for $lots

Dolores1: Love Slotland! How bout a Buzzing Bee Tourney for your depositing players? Maybe prizes could be bonus deposits at Slotland? Or Bee finalists can go on to a final competition at Slotland ?

Susan2: Great page, and Awesome casino!

Karla1: great place

MARGARET4: Thank You for your support of gonegambling and tag!

Dwayne1: I have been with Slotland since around 2000 and it has always been the number one casino for me. I might be nice to sponsor a tournament during a live chat session. The tournament could last during the chat session only with bonus deposits as prizes.

Connie2: Thank you for your help with gold membership

Paul22: slotland has Best service, Honest and trusted

Samantha7: Great customer service! I love Slotland!

nick12: my n#1 sponcer

Gabriella1: SIMPLY THE BEST!

LISA13: I wanted give you a great big THANK YOU for upgrading my membership to Gold. I love Slotland, one of my favorite places to play. Thanks again.

LORI37: Thanks for the upgrade!!

Wanda22: Sounds GREAT! I'm new here at Tag City, but I definately am going to check out your site right now!

Todd9: Your simply the BEST

wendy1: Thnak you for the up coming up grade

teresa40: RE: New Ideals for Competitions, How about If a Player Signs in to Tag City Everyday & plays for a Month. Maybe You could Offer a Free Playing Bonus to play on Your site to The Player that sign into Tag City & Plays The Most That Month. Just a Thought :)

tracy49: i like slotland a lot its great

Ramona2: A layk this sait , so mach slot.

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